Outgoing prime minister Pakalitha Mosisili voted in Tsoelike.

After casting his vote in his Tsoelike home constituency, the outgoing prime minister Pakalitha Mosisili has pledged to accept the outcome of the Lesotho snap elections should his party Democratic Congress (DC) lose.

Mosisili, who is wrestling for Tsoelike parliamentary seat with eleven other candidates, is contesting in the Lesotho national polls for the seventh time since he joined the political fray from teaching.

Speaking to African Independent on whether he will cede power for the winner to ascend to the premiership if his party fails to garner enough votes to form government, Mosisili said he understood the decision of who should govern lays with the people. “Our party has signed a pledge to accept results and I assure you there is no doubt that we will accept the results administered in a transparent manner and declared free and fair."

On what these elections meant for his future in Lesotho politics, Mosisili noted this was the seventh time he contested elections in Lesotho and in the six previous times he was able to come out victorious and entered parliament – and making it into cabinet.

"The most important thing is that I am elected to be a parliamentarian and not a prime minister, whether I become the next prime minister will be decided by the parliament.

“As the DC, we have already formed an alliance with the Lesotho Congress for Democracy (LCD) and that means we are eyeing to form a coalition and we would also be happy to work together with our previous partners in the outgoing coalition as we were able to work peacefully,” he said.