Khotso Nkhatho. Picture: Supplied

Renowned author, actor and playwright Khotso Nkhatho, who appeared in the well-known television series Mopheme in the 1980s, is set to keep Rhythm City viewers glued to their screens.

Nkhatho has signed on with the show in a feature role on Rhythm City and is expected to be on the show for a month or more, depending on how viewers take to his character.

“Lerumo is a leader of a gang named Baporofeta, he is dealing in diamond smuggling and is still in prison, but will soon be out because he pays someone to take his place. He may come across as a nice guy, but he is cunning. A real skelm,” he said.

Nkhatho’s said his last meaningful role was two decades ago when he wrote, produced and acted in a supporting role in Haa Mele Ditshiba. He then left the small screen to join radio.

He went on to become the executive producer for drama at SABC-owned Lesedi FM.

“After working at Lesedi FM for a number of years, I retired and was just sitting around at home lonely. I was lucky to get a call from the Rhythm City casting director who said that she used to watch my shows on TV and wondered what had happened to me. Then she told me about the role and asked me to audition,” he said.

Nkhatho said he was really excited when he was given the role, and couldn’t wait to get on the set.

 Khotso Nkhatho and Mduduzi Mabaso. Picture: Supplied

“Getting back on set was not hard at all. It’s in my blood, all I dreamed about was acting, so as soon as I got on set everything came back. I didn’t even have a problem memorising my lines,” said Nkhatho.

He said, however, that the role was challenging.

“I’ve always played the good guy and never a gangster, so venturing into this role was challenging for me. I started to gather inspiration from people I still look up to, like Warren Masemola who is such a versatile actor,” he said.

Nkhatho said although he had never worked with the Rhythm City cast before, they were all very respectful and co-operative.

“They called me “madala”, and usually I don’t like when people call me that. But I took to it because I knew that they were doing it out of respect,” he said.

He said he enjoyed working with the cast and he has learnt a lot from them.

“I never went into the show with the attitude of ‘I know everything’. I gave them the respect they deserved and showed them that I wanted to still learn from them because things are not as they used to be,” Nkhatho said.

While he enjoyed his time on set, Nkhatho said that he noticed a significant change in the industry.

“Coming back to set after such a long time and to see these changes was refreshing. The one positive change I saw was that females had been given the platform to direct.

“It was the first time I was being directed by a female. I enjoyed it. Things are improving,” he said.

He also said that nowadays soapies are studio-based whereas before, he would do a lot of exterior shoots.

“I realised that soapies are the in the in thing now and they are like 9 to 5 jobs. I feel it’s like being in caged. We should make sure we also shoot outdoors, making use of our beautiful country,” said Nkhatho.

* Catch Khotso Nkhatho on Rhythm City every weekday on at 7pm.