A renegade Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) colonel who had threatened to depose President Joseph Kabila has been extradited from Tanzania and will be prosecuted for rebellion.

Reuters reported on Monday that John Tshibangu, who has been based in the east of the troubled country, warned DRC President Joseph Kabila last month that he had 45-days to step down or he would be taken down by force.

Subsequent to Tshibangu’s threat on a social media video, he was detained by the Tanzanian authorities at the end of January.

Tshibangu, a former military commander in the central DRC region of Kasai defected in 2012.

Freddy Ibeba, an associate of Tshibangu, and a captain in the DRC military was arrested in the northern Congo on Monday and is due to appear before a hearing.

Kabila has repeatedly refused to step down despite his mandate ending in December 2016.

Presidential elections are now due to be held at the end of the year.

- African News Agency (ANA)