'Gucci Grace' Mugabe was in Johannesburg to try and sort out the trouble with their misbehaving sons.

President Robert Mugabe’s sons Robert and Chatunga Bellarmine have allegedly been evicted from a luxury apartment in Sandton after a brawl which left a security guard with a broken leg and arm, according to Harare's The Independent weekly.

The two young men, who previously lived in Dubai and Harare, were in an apartment at the Regent MCC in West Road South, Morningside and were paying rent via the state of about R70 000 pm.

First lady Grace Mugabe came to Johannesburg two weeks ago in an attempt to sort out the mess allegedly left by her sons including damage to the interior of the apartment. Damages to the apartment were paid for by the state.

Chatunga was previously expelled for bad behaviour from the Catholic private school St Georges in Harare, and had to complete his secondary education at home. He was seen arriving at Johannesburg's OR Tambo international airport three months ago, on a South African aircraft accompanied by two state security men.

Zimbabwe’s privately-owned media claim the two young men moved from Dubai earlier this year after there was allegedly “trouble” with various substances banned in United Arab Emirates.

Robert Jr (25), a talented basketball player was unable to pass his A level examinations at Zimbabwe’s top private school in Harare, but is understood to now be studying at the University of Johannesburg. He was born shortly after Mugabe’s first wife Sally died. Chatunga (21) was born after Mugabe married Grace, who he met when she was a young, married typist at State House. Her oldest son, Russell, from her first marriage has also had a troubled young life.

Mugabe was in Singapore receiving medical treatment and returned to Harare on Saturday.