A number of Kenyan police have been implicated in the death of Alexander Monson, the son of British aristocrat Baron Monson, who died in Diani, 30 km south of Mombassa, in 2012 after receiving a severe beating while in police detention.

The intention to arrest Monson was purportedly for financial gain.

Senior Magistrate Richard Odenyo, who chaired an inquest into Monson’s death, ruled on Thursday that the death was neither natural nor a result of drugs as claimed by police, and named four police officers as suspects, the Daily Nation reported.

In his ruling, which was read on his behalf by Mombasa chief magistrate Julius Nangea, Odenyo said there were inconsistencies on the part of some witnesses who testified, including police officers

Monson, 28, died on May 19, 2012 while undergoing treatment at a hospital in Diani after he had been arrested and locked up in cells at Diani police station.

Witnesses who saw the young Briton prior to his detention reported that he appeared to be in good health.

According to the magistrate, the injury to the deceased was inflicted between 2am and 4am when the he was in custody.

Pathologists stated the cause of death was intra cranial pressure caused by a blunt object.

Independent Police Oversight Authority (Ipoa) recommended that a public inquest be held, a decision the Director of Public Prosecutions concurred with by calling 39 witnesses during the inquest.

- African News Agency (ANA)