Egyptian security forces have killed 11 suspected militants in a shootout near the Sinai, the interior ministry said on Tuesday, just days after more than 300 people were killed in an attack on a mosque in North Sinai, Reuters reports.

The army attacked a suspected militant hideout, in an area bordering the province of Ismalia, leading to a gunfight between the army and the militants, a statement released by the ministry said.

Last Friday 305 worshippers, including 27 children, were slaughtered in an attack by gunmen, suspected to be from the Islamic State-affiliated (IS) Sinai Province group, as they prayed in a mosque making it the deadliest attack on civilians in Egypt’s modern history. The assault also left almost 130 wounded.

The 20-30 attackers carrying IS flags initially detonated explosives planted at the Sufi mosque, and under the cars of worshippers, before gunning down people as they fled the mosque. The gunmen also opened fire on ambulances trying to ferry the wounded away.

Following the bloody assault six suspected militants were arrested after the Egyptian military launched an ongoing military campaign against the insurgents not only on the peninsula but also in the capital Cairo on the mainland.

Egypt has been battling a bloody insurgency against Islamist extremists for years but the battle spiked after the overthrow of the North African country’s first democratically elected president, Mohamed Morsi, from the Muslim Brotherhood who was overthrown in 2013 after winning the 2012 elections.

- African News Agency (ANA)