Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe. File photo: ANA

Robert Mugabe has resigned as the Zimbabwean president, the Zimbabwean speaker in Parliament announced on Tuesday. 

Mugabe steps down after nearly 38 years in power.

This comes hours after parliament began an impeachment process against Mugabe on Tuesday that was set to bring his domination of a country he has ruled since independence nearly four decades ago to an ignominious end.

In the last week, Mugabe has clung on in the face of a collapse of his authority and a Monday deadline to quit.

Mugabe shocked many on Sunday when he was expected to resign, but instead gave what many considered a bizarre speech that focused on the country's unity while ignoring protests that had taken place the previous day.

The army seized power a week ago and there have been mass protests against him and calls to resign from many sides including on Tuesday from the ruling party's favourite to succeed him Emmerson Mnangagwa.

According to reports, the Speaker confirmed that Mugabe handed in his resignation letter.

This is a developing story.