ANC treasurer-general Paul Mashatile. File photo: (Twitter)
ANC treasurer general Paul Mashatile, while delivering the keynote address at the Raging Bull Summit, told attendees that the ANC will be address President Jacob Zuma's exit this week. 

During the question phase of Mashatile's address, he was asked about the future of Jacob Zuma. 

Would the President remain in power by the time the State of the Nation address takes place? 


Mashatile said that the ANC's top 6 is addressing the major issue this week. 

What Mashatile wanted to make very clear is that this is not a new issue for the ANC. 

He said whenever there is a new ANC president appointed and the current president of the republic was serving out his remaining 18 months, it was not unusual to see disagreement and a lack of congruence within the party. This was evident when Zuma became president of the ANC party and Thabo Mbheki was still president of South Africa, Mashatile pointed out. 

The ANC will address Zuma's possible exit this week but Mashatile could not say when this would happen and if it will be before the State of the Nation address. 

This is a developing story.