Delegates at the African National Congress (ANC) dismissed a proposal to amend the party's constitution to have two deputy presidents in future.

A source told ANA that the move was ''never entertained''.

''It was rejected very quickly, none of the two sides wanted to interrogate it... it was never debated,'' he said.

A move to a system of two deputy presidents and two deputy secretaries was mooted ahead of the party's July policy conference.

Addressing the policy conference, outgoing ANC leader President Jacob Zuma said he supported the election of two deputy presidents. Such a move would ensure unity within the ANC and avoid a ''winner takes all'' approach in terms of the party's slate politics.

The conference had earlier adopted credentials. Constitutional amendments were debated and put to the vote after lunch. It was the last agenda before delegates were to nominate and vote in a new leadership for the party.

- African News Agency (ANA)