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Somalis flee looming famine

Cloaked in rags and dust, thousands from the parched countryside are swelling makeshift camps in city, heralding an unprecedented crisis

28 March 2017 | Migration

If refugees were a country

It’s important to recognise the value migrants bring to their host nations and we must have candid discussions about the challenges they bring

24 March 2017 | Migration

Europe or bust!

Jallah’s story is just one of millions of African stories ... tragic tales of desperate people making desperate attempts to get away from crushing poverty and deadly conflict

30 September 2016 | News

Wherever I lay my hat ...

Johannesburg’s inner city is an arrival point for people coming to South Africa from around the continent. The affluent city is seen as a migrant’s best opportunity to support families back home.

5 August 2016 | Migration