Mbuyiseni "People's Bae" Ndlozi and Pearl Thusi. Picture: Instagram

EFF National Spokesperson Mbuyiseni "People's Bae" Ndlozi and Pearl Thusi have been in a heated war over the EFF vandalising H&M stores across the country. 

Former Quantico star Pearl Thusi replied to Ndlozi's after he shared a video of members of the EFF vandalising an H&M store in Santon City. 

In the tweet, Thusi questioned why the political party is not fighting the issue on a political "level" and wondered if "violence" and "fear" are the solution to the problem. 

What seemed to have angered Ndlozi and the EFF supporters was the last line where Thusi implies that their actions "misrepresents" people of colour as "savages".

Ndlozi then clapped back calling Thusi an "ANC self-hating mascot" refuting the last part of her statement saying that she thinks that "blacks with stones fighting oppression are savages". 

Thusi then sub-tweeted Ndlozi staying that the EFF is trying to "bully [her] out of [her] opinion". 

The EFF National Spokesperson has yet to reply to her last tweet and is most likely crafting a witty comeback for Thusi's opinion.