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Its a local radio station like no other, with its footprints spreading throughout the entire Gauteng province and spilling over to other provinces, its listeners can tune into it whether they are in a the vicinity of Atteridgeville in Pretoria or in Rustenburg in the North West Province.  

Pheli FM was designed to serve the community of Atteridgeville, Lotus Gardens and Pretoria West, However the radio station decided to up its ante by installing a broadcasting signal that would not only serve the community of Atteridgeville but the entire province and spilling over to other provinces.  
"What we are doing here is a movement, we want to be heard, we want to launch people's careers, we want to give our youth a platform to express themselves. when we started this radio station people had already written us off and gave us a timeline of our demise," said station manger George Matlakala.  

He said the radio station has been instrumental in launching careers of several of its former presenters.  

"We see people come and go here, and when they leave here they go to bigger and better things.  We had a guy who was reading news on our breakfast show, a couple of months down the line he was head-hunted by Rise FM in Mpumalanga, he was reading news on DJ Sbu's breakfast show, a couple of months down the line he was on Power FM reading news On JJ Tabane's show.  

Matlakala said a lot of people come to the station in persuit of different things.  

"We welcome everybody, but your head must be in the right space, we do not have money, we depend on funding, so if you are looking for a get rich quick scheme you are in the wrong place, we also do not want people who are looking for fame, we want people with passion and purpose", he said. 
He said Pheli FM is on a mission to help young people of Atteridgeville and surrounding areas achieve their dreams.  

"We want to fill that void that was left by Radio Bop, we want to be the "University of Broadcasting", we want to produce the best crop of radio presenters, news readers, sports casters etc, the good thing about us is that we broadcast in different South African languages, that is how we harness talent out of a presenter and make them feel comfortable in the language they present in." 

Matlakala said the station depends a lot of donations to keep running, and they have dedicated team members who always go an extra mile to keep the lights on.  

"Our pay off line is building better communities, so we try and do that by participating in various charity drives in the community, we go where we are needed, we give a voice to those that do not have it, we are Pheli FM".  

He said the station is always looking for new talent to add to the current crop of presenters.  

"We want mature people who are willing to be taught the dynamics of radio.  Radio is not as easy as people percieve it to be, there's a lot that goes into a show, even seasoned broadcasters still prepare for their shows, its all about preparation and research," said Matlakala.