Bonang and AKA have allegedly split. Photo: Instagram/@bonang_m
Through a series of vague tweets, AKA let in mzansi on the second most heartbreaking news of the week, that he and Bonang Matheba have decided to part ways. Now there has been speculation surrounding the couple, dating back to November 29 when the pair were said to have ended things, even deciding to unfollow each other on social media. But speaking to Tshisa Live
 AKA rubbished those allegations. Now however, it seems it's official. Matheba has also been sending out vague tweets of her own, despite not saying anything about the break up outright. 

Before this tweet, there were several others that said, in different wording by the pair to 'choose peace'. That left Black Twitter wondering where the sudden burst of 'motivational speaking' as they termed it, came from. With this wave of words of wisdom, Black Twitter then took it upon themselves to ask the question we were all thinking: And finally, when the 'official'announcement was made, the speculation of another publicity stunt began: There were also some not-so-nice reactions to the news: And what would a celeb break up be without Black Twitter sharing files? In 2013 Cassper Mufasa Nyovest tweeted that he'd love a chance with Queen B. Here's the evidence: And The CSI villager encouraged him to go for it:

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