Source: Asenti official site

 The 2017 African Summit on Entrepreneurship and Innovation (ASENTI) kicks off on Friday, bringing together small and medium sized enterprises from across the continent and linking them with top leaders in business.

Focusing on Africa’s aspirational youth, ASENTI aims to promote a culture of entrepreneurship in Africa and to create a wider network for potential trade and partnership across the continent and its far-flung global diaspora.

“We are committed to making Africa a hub of opportunities by bringing the opportunities closer to its people,” says Calvin Jodisis, CEO and Founder of ASENTI.

This year, the rapidly expanding African News Agency (ANA) is sponsoring ASENTI.

 “ANA recognises the enormous potential of Africa’s youth and wants to help this aspiration develop into economic and social success. We want to provide the continent’s rising stars with a media platform they can stand on to ensure their stories are hear,” says Grant Fredericks, ANA CEO.

- African News Agency