ANC veterans have called on conference delegates to "vote for integrity, honesty, anti-corruption, anti-factionalism and for principled unity".
Open letter to all provincial leadership and delegates to 54th ANC conference:

The national consultative conference proceeded successfully, enriched particularly by the participation of 41 current and former NEC members, members and the president of the ANC Veterans League (ANCVL) and many long-serving ANC stalwarts. They are, among others, the torch-bearers and guardians of the values of the ANC and its mission.

The declaration was unanimously accepted by comrades attending the conference and we humbly submit it to you for your consideration and, in particular, the call of conference that “women and men of honour and integrity within the ANC and government stand up against all forms of corruption.”

We specifically call on you as to provide leadership and encourage all delegates at the conference to withhold their votes from those who have been implicated in wrongdoing and who have done nothing to clear their names.

We appeal to all of you voting delegates that the historical moment to change the trajectory of the ANC and return it to its values and principles is now and that a heavy responsibility lies on your shoulders.

Indeed, cast your vote for integrity, honesty, anti-corruption, anti-factionalism and for principled unity. With best wishes for a successful 54th national conference.

Comrade Mongane Wally Serote

On behalf of the stalwarts and veterans of the ANC